Automate and scale campaigns with intelligence for maximum ROI impact

Introducing AI based, a tech platform developed to help enterprises create, optimize, automate and improve ROI all in-house for their social media campaign on Snapchat.

Single platform, Deep insights

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Dynamic video templates

  • Convert existing product feeds to story based videos at scale
  • 1000+ predefined video templates to choose from

Workflow automation

  • Cut down on monotonous manual tasks
  • Reduce time to launch video campaigns, ad sets and ads on Snapchat

Feed Management Solution

  • Manages any kind of feed to auto generate videos - csv, gzip, ftp, API
  • NLP based classifier classifies the feed SKU’s into appropriate categories

Dedicated Support

  • 24 X 7 technical and other support
  • Self-Serve Service Model


  • Rule based triggers for achieving target CPA
  • Dynamic budget allocation based on target CPA
  • Predictive analytics to recommend the video of best performing SKU’s

Insightful analytics

  • Actionable product level analytics for optimizing the campaigns
  • Suggestions of possible audience sets and offers to be promoted
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Why our customers value us?

Easy to use interface

Programmatic modelling

Dedicated 24 X 7 support

AI driven In-house solution

Multi-Lingual support

Words of mouth

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will do media buying on Snapchat on clients behalf?

No will not do any media buying. Clients need to do the media buying. Platform will only enable the clients to buy media , scale and automate campaigns on snapchat.

How will charge me? charges a fixed percentage of the media spend as the platform fee. Percentage varies depending on the media spend. For more details, please contact

I am looking for Managed Services Model , is there a possibility?

In case of large media spends where our clients are looking for managed service, we would help you set up and run campaigns on Snapchat for 2-3 months and post that we will handover the campaign to your team. In case someone wants to completely outsource their campaigns, we can run the campaign on clients behalf under Managed Service Model.

We are an agency, looking to use the platform for multiple clients, how can I do that?

Yes , you can have a master login and link multiple Snapchat Accounts to the platform. Tech fee is charged based on the media spend that goes through the platform.

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